Texas Hold`em Poker Calculator for mobile devices

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Got iPhone? Got Texas Hold'em Poker Calculator too

International Language Machines Ltd. together with Androphic releases latest version of THCalc (Texas Hold`em Poker Calculator) available for iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple's newest device - the iPad.

This application calculates your wining probabilities based on cards entered in and number of players. Wining probability is summing pure wins and ties probabilities, also shown on the screen. It tells if your WP is increasing or decreasing and how many of your pocket cards are used for your best hand.
Calculator advices "FOLD", "CALL" or "RAISE". Advices are taken according to the calculation results and thresholds statistically collected, analyzed and carefully selected for practically best play. If advice is "FOLD" - calculator changes it's color to red, if "RAISE" - to green.
Gives extremely accurate results and specially optimized for iPhone Mobile devices.
It is very good instrument for new and professional poker players.

How to?

To perform calculations you have to enter your cards and number of players. Buttons "p+" and "p-" increment and decrement number of players. To enter the card first press right card button ("2" to "A"), then chose the suit ("Spades" to "Clubs"). After filling your pocket, flop, turn or river just press "Calculate" and get the calculation results. "CLR" button cleans the input. "C/Off" button resets the calculation. Long press on "C/Off" also turns calculator off. Setting "Autocalc" check box allows automatic calculation to be performed after each card typed in.

That is basically it. To get the THCalc calculator on your iPhone go to the market and search for "THCalc".

Good luck!


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