Texas Hold`em Poker Calculator for mobile devices

Friday, April 9, 2010

THCalc Features

  • Available on Apple's mobile devices including iPhone, iPod Touch and newest iPad
  • Available on all mobile devices running Google Android OS
  • Has game timer to help managing play time
  • Provides accurate calculations for different number of players, from 2 to 9
  • Calculates Hole Cards Rank, useful for preflop strategies
  • Calculates Hole Cards Strength, extremely useful for preflop strategies
  • Calculates Winning, Pure Win and Draw Probabilities on every stage of the game
  • Shows improvement or degradation comparing to previously calculated results
  • Highly optimized for best performance on mobile devices
  • Android version supports Portrait as well as Landscape screen orientation
  • Has most convenion buttons layout specially designed for touch screens
  • Has "autocalc" mode which allows rapid cards entering
  • Capable of deleting last entered card or the whole hand in one button press
  • Supplied with help screen
  • Shows entered cards and highlights the best hand
  • Provides advice on Fold, Call or Raise dependent on chosen strategy
  • Switches background color according to given advice: Check/Fold - red, Check/Call - blue, Bet/Raise - green.
  • Allows choosing one of 5 build-in game strategies
  • Shows thresholds used by chosen strategy
  • Has Screen Magnifier which helps to see calculated results with larger fonts
  • Indicates number of your hole cards in your best hand

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